Textile Solutions

Our aim

Production of fashion and footwear

Once the plan of development of the Collection has been established with the brand product managers, we deal with all of the steps until the end of the production cycle:

  1. Sourcing
  2. Development
  3. samples management
  4. Approval process
  5. Pre- production
  6. Production

We work with all types of textile, compositions and we are specialists in all techniques of dye/ wash, print, embroidery and decorative details. The materials can be provided by us or bought directly from the suppliers suggested for our clients, to agreed with their preferences. We count on our technical specials in design, patterns, usually equipped with Cad/Cam systems, to develop your styles based on the technical specifications received, or work directly with your patterns.

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Our main advantages

The growing government pressure and consumer desire for sustainability requires that manufactured products meet quality levels and strict security guidelines.
The brands and retailers significantly improving their capacity to respond to fashion trends and sales. We help you to respond with speed to your orders and reorders with flexible maximum quantities.
The globalized supply from increasingly dispersed locations, leads brands and retailers to increase their visibility and control, and therefore their spending and unforeseen errors related to the quality and delays. Brands and retailers in the fashion industry (clothes, shoes and accessories), face intense global competition: the pressure to reduce the cost price of products; the need to create new revenue streams without losing sight of consumer preferences; and demand new strategies to bring products to the market.